Map Books

Download the 2009 Baja California Almanac book.
(File size: 193 MB)

Download the 2015 Baja California Almanac book.
(File size: 76 MB)

Download the 2015 fold-out map.
(File size: 47 MB)



Landon died, and although he had completed (or nearly completed) updating the maps in early 2015 he did not get the chance to publish them. The maps above were assembled from the files Landon was drawing and editing. These maps were not proofread and may contain mistakes. The fold out map has visible notes still visible to update certain items.

I have posted digital copies of the 2009 book, the 2015 updated book and the 2015 updated fold-out map here on the website for personal, non-commercial use. They are flattened/rasterized and are password protected to prevent editing. A few people have said they were prompted for passwords when opening or printing the files but I do not know why that happens and I can’t offer a solution.

There will not be another printed copy of the map book or fold-out maps. 

No rights are given, but you can download and print a single copy of the books and fold-out map for your own personal use. You may not reproduce the maps electronically or do anything that violates the copyright such as trace the book and sell it as your own work, or host it on your own website.

I do not know where to buy copies of the older books, there are no stockpiles anywhere to my knowledge. Landon often mentioned he thought that The Discover Baja Travel Club was a great resource for information about Baja California.